Man booked into Weber County Jail after alleged domestic assault in Ogden

John Dale Perry. Photo: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, Feb. 27, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A 54-year-old man has been booked into the Weber County Jail after he allegedly assaulted his estranged wife and the man with whom she had established an intimate relationship.

John Dale Perry was booked into jail on suspicion of:

  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Transaction of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a third-degree felony
  • Threat/use of a dangerous weapon in a fight, a class A misdemeanor
  • Assault, a class B misdemeanor

A probable cause statement filed in the case says the incident happened on Saturday, Feb. 22. At about 8 p.m., an Ogden Police Department detective was called to the area of 2080 Washington Blvd., where the stabbing had happened about 30 minutes earlier.

Two knives were found at the scene. One was blood-stained and the other was still folded shut.

Perry had been transported to McKay-Dee Hospital “for an apparent puncture wound to the left groin and was in critical condition with a severe bleed,” the statement says.

Perry’s estranged wife, who told police she had been separated from him for about six months, told officers that Perry and her boyfriend had been involved in an altercation, and that the boyfriend had stabbed Perry in the left groin after the accused pulled a knife first.

The woman said she and her boyfriend were walking toward the Petro-Mart at 2080 Washington Blvd. “when she suddenly saw John charging at she and (her boyfriend).

“The female wasn’t sure if John had just gotten off of a recently stopped bus or not but just recalled seeing him charging and claimed that he was holding a knife.”

“The female recalled seeing John and (her boyfriend) swinging and kicking at each other.

“As (the boyfriend) shoved John away, John turned his attention to the female. John ran at her, face to face, and wrapped his arm around the back of her neck, pulling her toward him, while grabbing her hair by the ponytail. The force of this action caused the female to fall back, taking John with her.

“Once on the ground, the female was able to scoot backwards away from John but he retained a grip on her hair. John was said to be attempting to hit the female with his free hand while yelling obscenities at her.”

The boyfriend came to assist the woman, and began fighting with Perry again, the probable cause statement says.

“As the males fought, the female recalled seeing John suddenly stop fighting, grab at the lower part of his abdomen, and fall to the ground. John appeared to have blood coming from his groin and the female felt panicked and told Ronnie to call 9-1-1 as her phone had died.”

Perry, interviewed at the hospital, waived his Miranda rights and told the detective he had been tracking his wife’s phone and knew the motel where she was staying.

“When asked how he could do that, he told me it was top secret.”

“John confirmed that he and (the boyfriend) had gotten into a physical altercation first, then he went to hug the female,” the statement says. “When confronted with his actions likely not being a hug, he did admit to grabbing the female.”

Perry said the boyfriend produced a knife and stabbed him in the groin. Perry said his own knife had remained folded closed.

“John described a burning sensation and he knew he’d been stabbed,” the probable cause statement says.

Perry is being held without bail due to safety concerns he might harm his estranged wife and her boyfriend if freed, the statement said.


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