Murray police warn of mountain lion sightings

This is a file photo of a cougar, also known as a mountain lion. Source: Wikimedia Commons/AskJoanne

MURRAY, Utah, Sept. 23, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Murray police officials are warning of multiple mountain lion sightings in the past couple of weeks.

“As you may or may not be aware there have been mountain lion/cougar sightings in the east residential areas of Murray in the past few weeks,” said a Facebook post from Murray Police Department. “There was another sighting in the early morning hours Tuesday, in the approximate area of 1300 East to Van Winkle and 5600 South.”

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources was contacted and told of the animal’s location.

“The purpose of this notice is to bring awareness to residents and to provide information on what to do should you see a mountain lion near your home and how to keep your family and pets safe,” the post said. “DWR suggests that you bring children in before dusk and keep pets indoors at night. Lastly, don’t approach the animal.” 

Anyone that sees a mountain lion is asked to call Utah DWR on 801-491-5678 or 801-538-4700 during business hours Monday through Friday. After-hours and weekends please report sightings to Murray Police Department, and officers will contact DWR. The non-emergency dispatch number is 801-840-4000; in the case of an emergency dial 911.

For more detailed information regarding mountain lion safety please visit the Utah DWR website here.


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