Ogden City aims to curb graffiti, vandalism; offers reward for info leading to arrest

Ogden Downtown Historic District. Photo: Ogden City Police Departament

OGDEN, Utah, Dec. 20, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Ogden officials are asking the public to help curb graffiti and other vandalism, and will offer rewards for people providing information that leads to the arrest of vandals.

“Vandalism comes in many forms, right now graffiti is hurting our city,” says a statement released Monday by the Ogden City Police Department. “Our local businesses have worked to build and maintain a comfortable and inviting environment throughout Ogden.

“When a business or historic building is tagged, it’s not just a blight on all those efforts, it’s often accompanied by permanent physical damage to these fragile spaces.”

Removing vandalism graffiti tags often requires the scrubbing down and layered scraping of historic bricks, the statement says. Other times, it requires replacement of wood treatments or painting over sections, all of which are costly and time consuming.

“We are asking you to help us combat the alarming uptick in tagging and vandalism throughout Ogden City,” the statement says. “Ogden City along with Ogden Downtown Alliance are offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of any individual involved in graffiti vandalism throughout Ogden City.”


A reward of $500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of people who commit vandalism within city limits, the statement says.

A reward of $1,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest of people committing vandalism within the Historic Downtown District.

“If you have information regarding these crimes, please contact Ogden Police Investigations at 801-629-8228,” the statement says.


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