Police: Admitted gunman released after incident in Logan; victim ID’d

File photo: Gephardt Daily

LOGAN, Utah, Feb. 1, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — The Logan City Police Department has released a man who admitted fatally shooting another man on Friday morning.

The deceased is 23-year-old Dylan Milian. Police said 26-year-old Jeremy Boyle admitted to shooting Milian. Both men had dated the same woman.

Boyle told police he shot Milian in self-defense after the younger man burst into his residence, where Boyle’s 53-year-old mother also lives, in the 200 block of Riverbend Road. The bullet, from a 9mm handgun, hit Milian in the chest.

After a long day of questioning, Capt. Tyson Budge, Logan City Police Department, said Boyle was released in the late afternoon. Police are not yet sure whether the case should be classified as a murder or a justifiable homicide.

“There are many aspects of this investigation that will take some time to sort through,” Budge said in a news release. “The State Medical Examiner’s Office will also do their investigation and share their findings early next week.”

Budge told Gephardt Daily that the incident began when Boyle’s 28-year-old girlfriend, who formerly dated Milian, left the residence. Boyle’s four children — all younger than age 7 — were also at the residence.

“He (Milian) ran in, according to the shooter, and had threatened him, running at him in the house,” Budge said.

The former boyfriend reportedly had threatened Boyle in the past.

“We are investigating prior threats,” Budge said.

When police arrived, Boyle’s girlfriend (Milian’s ex) and mother were performing CPR on Milian, Budge said. Police took over, then paramedics arrived and began their own life-saving measures, but Milian died at the scene.

Milian leaves behind three young children, Budge told Gephardt Daily.

“We know who all the involved parties are and will now put together the evidence,” Budge’s statement says. “After a thorough investigation we will present the information to the County Attorney’s office for a decision on any criminal charges or justifiable homicide.

“We want to thank the surrounding community for their patience and attempts at staying away from the area. We also want to express our sympathies to the families of all involved in this tragedy.”

Traffic is now allowed in the area, which was closed for the investigation for most of the morning and afternoon.


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