Police: Woman charged after multiple 911 attempts to hail St. George officers for ride to Nevada

File photo: Max Pixel

ST. GEORGE, Utah (Gephardt Daily) — A 20-year-old woman was arrested by St. George police after they say she called 911 multiple times seeking a ride to Las Vegas.

The woman now faces class C misdemeanor charges of emergency reporting abuse and giving false personal identity to peace officers.

On Tuesday, June 15, officers responded to 1850 S. River Road on a 911 hang-up call, a police affidavit says.

“She stated she was left her by her family and needed to get back to Las Vegas NV,” says the statement, filed by an officer of the St. George Police Department. “The female advised her name was Tiffany Vasquez.”

The name and birthdate given did not check out.

“The female was let go and told she needed to find a ride to Las Vegas because we could not take her. A short time later, the female called back. Officers responded again.

“The female stated she was being harassed by law enforcement now,” the statement says. “The female was telling several versions of her name and where she came from. The information was not clear.

“After a while, the female was told again we could not take her to Las Vegas. She decided to walk away. The female was told not to call 911 again unless it was an emergency. She stated she understood. As she walked away, she called 911 again.”

The suspect was walking down the street, the statement says, “and ran in front of a moving vehicle to try and get a ride. At this point, the female was arrested. She decided to give her real name. Officers said a records check showed she had a warrant for her arrest. Mercedes was charged with 911 abuse, pedestrian in the roadway, false personal information, and the warrant. She was transported to jail without incident.”


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