Water Declared Clear at Popular Beach in Herriman

Herriman Beach
Photo: Kurt Walter (Gephardt Daily)

HERRIMAN, UTAH – September 1, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Officials have declared that the popular Blackridge Reservoir, where an algae bloom was found last month, is now clear.

Herriman City updated their Twitter page to read: “The test results are in. We are happy to announce that the water is clear and there is no cause for concern.”

The city announced mid-last month that the reservoir would remain closed until more testing was completed.

At that time, it said it had received the water toxin results, all of which came back showing non-detectable levels of toxins. The City said in a statement: “We are still awaiting final results that will provide the cell number count per milligram of algae which is important information for the Health Department and DEQ when a reservoir is used for recreational purposes.
“At this time, the RESERVOIR WILL REMAIN CLOSED. The City has purchased an algaecide to treat the reservoir. Treatment should be completed within seven days at which time we will retest the water and await results.

“We have also purchased a new, higher quality aeration system that will be installed next week. Once testing is complete and the new aerators are installed, we will notify the public when we are ready to re-open.”
Tami Moody, PIO for Herriman City, said earlier that month that the the aerators in the center of the reservoir became plugged and stopped working overnight. “By the next morning there was a neon green cover of algae over the top of the water and along all the rocks,” said Moody.

Moody further explained how the water became so contaminated that it forced the closure of the park. “When the water stopped circulating, the existing algae was able to grow at a tremendously rapid rate,” said Moody. “These are really strong strains of algae and the preliminary testing showed four to five different strains of algae present in the water.”



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