Salt Lake City Mayoral Candidates Lay Out Blueprints for the Future

Biskupski Will Challenge Incumbent Becker
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SALT LAKE CITY – September 17, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – With less than two months before election day, incumbent Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker and his opponent Jackie Biskupski are locking horns over their plans for the city’s future.

Biskupski claims economic development under Mayor Becker has been slow and painful due to “property tax increases, escalating fees for services and fines.” At a press conference this week, Biskupski laid out her plans to grow the west side of the city and reign in the costs of doing business in Salt Lake. She told a gathering of supporters, “Every corner of our community has opportunities that can be cultivated. Salt Lake City must have an inclusive economic development plan to build a city we can be proud of!”

Earlier this month, Becker accused his opponent of being heavy on words and weak on substance. He claimed to be the only candidate with “concrete” plans for the city and a track record of accomplishments.

Some of those accomplishments according to Becker include revitalizing the downtown with the opening of projects like City Creek and the businesses surrounding the new mall area. However, Biskupski claims that “careful analysis and well-thought-out planning,” would have prevented “the undermining of commercial hubs in our city,” like the impact City Creek’s opening has had on Gateway’s revenues.

Becker and Biskupski are both stepping up their media events to share plans for the future with the public.



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