Salt Lake City police prepare for protests; say vandalism, violence won’t be allowed

Salt Lake City Police vehicle. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 24, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — The Salt Lake City Police Department issued a statement Friday morning asking that any public gatherings in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade reversal remain peaceful.

The SLCPD statement also warns that violence, vandalism and road blocking “won’t be allowed.”

It asks for protest groups to attempt to obtain a permit prior to demonstrating, and, in the case of more spontaneous protests, asks organizers to email the department’s Motor Squad “to help ensure route safety.”

The Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision, in 1973, determined a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy was generally protected by the U.S. Constitution. The current Supreme Court’s reversal on Friday revokes that federal protection, leaving the abortion rights decision to states.

The full SLCPD statement regarding protests appears below:

The Salt Lake City Police Department is prepared to support safe and peaceful marches to allow community members the opportunity to freely express their views following today’s United State Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Leading up to today’s ruling, the Salt Lake City Police Department has conducted outreach to various organizations, including other law enforcement agencies, to prepare for the court’s ruling.

At this time, there is no known specific threat to Salt Lake City related to any issue related to the court’s ruling.

Salt Lake City has a proud history of hosting large-scale marches to support the First Amendment.

The priority in any First Amendment march is to provide a safe space for people to express themselves. Acts of vandalism, violence, and blocking roads with vehicles will not be allowed.

The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Special Operations Division will have resources available to help ensure community safety.

Any group wishing to host a demonstration or rally in Salt Lake City should first attempt to seek a permit using the Salt Lake City Special Events Portal.

Recognizing that many of these high profile demonstrations may occur with little or no advance notice, the Salt Lake City Police Department would encourage community members to work with the department’s Motor Squad to help ensure route safety.

Community members should send an email to [email protected]. This will give the department the situational awareness necessary to coordinate resources.

Established in 1909, the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Motor Squad is one of the oldest in the country. The department’s Motor Squad works to help ensure the safety of all road users by proactively conducting education and enforcement operations to remind road users of traffic safety laws. The squad provides traffic escorts for dignitaries and helps with security, logistics and community engagement during large gatherings and special events.


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