See it here: Mormons for Hillary posts Utah-shot video promoting Clinton as leader

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 11, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Tuesday released a video targeting voters who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The 1:40 video, titled “Mormons for Hillary,” shows recognizable scenes from Utah, many of them from aerial views. It shows children at play, women preparing meals and outdoors with their families, and men and women reading in their homes.

All are reading pro-family excerpts from Clinton’s 2006 book, “It Takes a Village.”

Among the people who appear in the video are LDS Church members and former Utah representatives Sheryl Allen and David Irvine, both Republican Party members who have announced they will be voting for Clinton rather that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The video release comes four days after the revelation of a 2005 recording made of Trump and former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush as Trump was preparing to shoot a soap opera cameo.

Trump can be heard making vulgar comments about women, saying, among other things, that his star status allowed him to do anything he wanted to women he found attractive without consent, including kissing a women or grabbing her p***y.”

Trump’s campaign has lost many former supporters over the sexually explicit comments. In Utah, those to speak out against him, his comments or both include Gov. Gary Herbert, Sen. Jason Chaffetz, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Mike Lee and former Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr.


  1. I recognize that Trumpn has said some bad things in the past aand has in the recent time has acknowledged his sorrow in saying them. I hear his repentance. However, I think that his views on Pro-Life, economy, Supreme Court, safety of our Country, and many other views I must stand with him on. The Dems are going to throw anything the can manufacture or lie about to change this election. I stand with him TRUMP…

  2. Trump is reprehensible. He shows no remorse. He minimizes, makes excuses and blames the victims. I am proud of the Mormons for Hillary!

  3. So, Mormons are AOK with Clinton’s ties to governments that advocate husbands beating or stoning their wives, killing people for their sexual preference, rape children (Google Chai boys), behead CHRISTIANS, mutilate the genitals of young girls, hate Israel….

    Trump makes some gross remarks, 10 years ago but…no one has ANY problem with this woman killing Americans, stealing an election from Bernie Sanders because he has “a Jewish problem” getting into the White House, RAPE shaming her husband’s victims, she has NO idea how to keep a balanced budget, she is racist and always HAS been, she covers up her husband’s crimes, lies under oath, she stole 200k worth of furniture, etc from the White House when she left in 2000, she stole 600+ FBI files when she left in 2000 and has never returned them, she has actually KILLED people who were going to blow the whistle on Hillary and her husband, when we were stationed in Canada and I frequently went to Ft. Drum, NY for medical care I watched how she RUINED the economy for New York, she has had her license to practice law suspended, and….EVERYthing she’s accused Trump or anyone else of in the last 30 years are things SHE TOO has done and was able to get away with.

    Being a career criminal isn’t impressive at all. It just means DC is as corrupt and inept as Trump claims it is. Any other American citizen would be in PRISON FOREVER ago had they done even 1/8 of the crap she has done. I am thoroughly shocked anyone that shares my faith could vote for such a person who NEVER admits when she is wrong, ALWAYS lies even when people present irrefutable evidence of FACTS of her being wrong, and when Haiti had their earthquake and truly needed help…she went into Haiti under the guise that the Clinton Foundation was accepting donations to rebuild and stabilize the country but…instead of GIVING THEM THE MONEY she manipulated out of people specifically FOR Haiti, she POCKETED the money and forced Haiti to allow Bill Clinton’s brother to get the contracts to build homes in Haiti… NO houses were actually built.

    It makes me ashamed that after someone was caught making an error 10 years ago, the person admitted to it, APOLOGIZED for it, and hoped his repentance would earn the American people’s trust he is being rejected for someone who NEVER admits fault, even if she is PROVED to be at fault she lies about her motives behind her actions, and she NEVER apologizes for any of it. She isn’t someone worthy of our trust and approval.

    As flawed as Trump is, Clinton is a MILLION times worse in EVERY way.


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