The Five Worst Ice Cream Flavors Ever

Ice Cream

The Five Worst Ice Cream Flavors Ever

July 4, 2015- Gephardt Daily – Along with hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken and steaks. Americans usually set their Independence Day party tables with potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, watermelon, cherries and ears of corn.

Then as the sun starts to set and the day begins to cool off, out comes the ice cream. Ice Cream is America’s favorite treat, with millions of scoops consumed each year.

But did you know ice cream has its roots deeply entrenched into our country’s history?


Long before Mr. Baskin and Mr. Robbins infused cream and butterfat and froze it, our founding fathers and countrymen enjoyed a dish of ice cream now and then. Even the ancient civilizations in Greece and Italy enjoyed iced treats when large blocks of ice were collected from nearby mountains.

By the 16th century, sorbets, frozen ices and ice creams were all the rage in Europe. The American colonists took the recipes from their European homes and brought the frozen desserts to the New World.

America’s very first ice cream parlor opened in New York in 1790; a year later, a notice appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette announcing the dessert menu for the town’s July 4th celebration.

old print

The announcement, read in part: “On the menu at Grays Gardens will be the confections of Mr. de la Croiz, including “iced creams of a great variety.”

Great estates, including Mount Vernon and Monticello, at the time, boasted that they had their own “cream machines for ice.”

The world’s most popular flavor of ice cream is simply vanilla. Chocolate, strawberry, rocky road and mint chocolate chip are close behind. Modern flavors such as “Cookie Dough” and “Moose Tracks” are also very popular.

Some flavors are not.

As far as I can determine, here are the worst flavors of ice cream I can find

Let’s begin with #5 – salad ice cream. Cold, wrinkled veggies like red bell peppers, cucumbers and what might be a cherry tomato are swimming in a tasteless frozen cream.

Salad Flavored Ice Cream

At #4 it’s Parmesan cheese ice cream. I like Parmesan cheese… on my pizza, even on a nice piece of chicken. I have had Parmesan cheese sprinkled on hot popcorn, loved it! On my ice cream, however… the answer is “no.”

Parmesan Ice Cream

In the 3rd spot it’s oyster ice cream. And yes, I am aware Dolly Madison and Martha Washington served this at their homes in the 1700’s. They were also serving undercooked meats and soups that due to storage issues, was mostly botulism.

Oyster Favored Ice Cream

The 2nd place prize for the worst flavored ice cream goes to a Japanese item simply called “fish” ice cream. At least they’re not trying to fool you with any ‘sunny’ language like “Summer Fish Flavor” or “Candy Fish,” nope. It’s just fish in ice cream.

Fish Ice Cream

But the #1 world’s worst flavor of ice cream has got to be raw horse meat ice cream. Yes. RAW HORSE MEAT ice cream. I am sure the kids in many neighborhoods in Tokyo in the summer are lined up around the block waiting for the friendly ice cream truck, loudly playing the theme to “Mr. Ed,” to come by with their raw horse meat ice cream treats.

Raw Horse Meat Ice Cream

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor and what’s the worst flavor you’ve experienced?

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