At least 30 dead as crews continue to search collapsed Havana hotel

Image: Google Maps

May 8 (UPI) — The death toll in a Cuban hotel collapse has risen to 30, health officials announced on Sunday.

The Cuban Ministry of Health added that of the 84 people injured when the historic Hotel Saratoga in Havana collapsed following an explosion on Friday, 24 remain hospitalized and 30 others have already been discharged.

Cuban state media reported 32 deaths Saturday while Cuba’s presidency said 26 people were killed, although it was unclear what caused the discrepancy in the reported death tolls, CNN reported.

Gaviota, the state-run company that manages the hotel, said 11 of its workers died in the collapse and 13 remain missing.

Ministry of Tourism representative Dalila Alba Gonzalez said a Cuban American woman is among the injured and the Cuban Presidential Office said preliminary data showed a child and a pregnant woman were among those who died.

Rescue workers continued to search the site, as officials said they believed more bodies remained inside the rubble.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel visited the site of the blast on Friday saying the explosion was not the result of a bomb or attack.

“It’s a regrettable accident,” he said.

The presidential office added it is believed the explosion was caused by a gas leak.


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