Doctor’s letter: Trump in ‘excellent’ health, takes cholesterol medication

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, right, sits for an interview with television host Dr. Mehmet Oz on "The Dr. Oz Show." Trump released a summary of his most recent physical with his doctor, showing him in good health, though overweight. Photo courtesy "The Dr. Oz Show"

NEW YORK, Sept. 15 (UPI) — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a short letter from his doctor to the television host Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday in an interview set to air Thursday. Trump’s doctor said the candidate is in good health, though he is overweight.

The letter is a summary of Trump’s recent annual physical and included specific test results. Trump is 6-foot, 3-inches and weighs 236 pounds, which Trump’s physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, said makes him “overweight for his height.” Trump takes statin, a medication to lower his cholesterol, and a daily low dose of aspirin.

Overall, Bornstein wrote, Trump is “in excellent physical health.”

Hillary Clinton‘s health recently has made news in the wake of a pneumonia diagnosis she did not initially disclose, but that caused her to leave a Sept. 11memorial early and become dizzy and stumble while walking to her motorcade. Both candidates pledged to release more information about their health.

Trump’s only other admission about his personal health came in the form of a letter from Bornstein in December that contained few specifics, but included broad hyperbole. At the time, Bornstein declared Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

In the letter Trump teased on The Dr. Oz Show — before handing it to Oz, Trump asked the studio audience whether he should hand it over, and did so after they cheered — Bornstein said Trump has only been hospitalized once, as a child when he had a routine appendectomy.

Trump’s cholesterol is 169, his blood pressure is 116 over 70 and his blood sugar is 99 milligrams per deciliter.

Bornstein also noted no family history of cancer or heart disease and both of Trump’s parents lived into their 80s or 90s.

Trump does not drink alcohol or smoke.

On Thursday, a day after the Dr. Oz interview was taped, Trump was interviewed on the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends, where he said he would not have made his medical history public, were it not for the fact it showed him in such good shape.

“If they were bad, I would say, ‘let’s sort of skip this, right?'” Trump said. “I was quick to do it. The cholesterol, I think, is quite good. I did all the tests, I did every test. I had every single test you can have, and they were good.”


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