‘Jetman’ Duo Tour Dubai Skies with Jetpacks

‘Jetman’ Duo Tour Dubai Skies with Jetpacks

‘Jetman’ Duo Tour Dubai Skies with Jetpacks

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – May 12, 2015 (UPI) — The Swiss “Jetman” and his protege strapped on their jetpacks for a rocket-powered flight around the world’s tallest tower in Dubai.

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Yves Rossy, the former fighter pilot turned inventor of a jetpack with carbon fiber wings, took to the skies in the United Arab Emirates alongside protege Vince Reffet to show off their skills along the Dubai skyline.

A YouTube video of the feat, sponsored by extreme sports group xDubai, shows the “Jetman Dubai” duo perform tricks in the desert and alongside buildings including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper at 2,716 feet.

“We mark a new milestone in the chapter of human flight,” xDubai said in the description of the video, titled “Young Feathers.”


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