Ohio roller coaster stops in middle of ride due to power outage

Screen shot: Twitter/sarah@sarah_lizzzzz

May 29 (UPI) — Riders on a roller coaster at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park were stuck for more than an hour due to a power outage, park officials confirmed.

Riders were going up the track on the Millennium Force when a vehicle struck a power pole nearby, causing the power outage, according to WTVG-TV.

Several other rides in the park also stopped because of the power outage.

“All of the rides that were affected safely came to a stop and all guests are being escorted off,” Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark told the Toledo Blade.

After about an hour, Ohio Edison power crews were able to restore power.

On Twitter, park attendees shared videos and photos of the roller coaster stoppage.

“Millennium Force has been like this for 45 minutes,” wrote Twitter user @sarah_lizzzzz.

For Cedar Point, which dubs itself the “Roller coaster capital of the world,” Monday’s incident is the second rollercoaster snafu this month.

On May 5, the park’s brand-new Steel Vengeance roller coaster had to be temporarily shut down after two trains on the ride “lightly bumped” into each other, Cleveland.com reported.

Nobody was injured in the incident and the ride was back to normal operations the next day.


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