Dad shares Irish 3-year-old’s claw machine adventure in viral post

Image: Facebook/Damien Murphy

March 23 (UPI) — An Irish dad shared photos and video chronicling his hapless 3-year-old’s adventure after climbing inside a claw machine at an amusement center.

Damien Murphy posted photos and video to Facebook showing his 3-year-old son, Jamie, sitting inside the claw machine at a play center in Nenagh while the boy’s brother, Shane, 5, looks on in amazement.

Murphy summed up the experience in the tersely-worded post:

“In play center.Takes eyes off 3 year old mischievous son for 6 seconds.

Hears muffled complaint near the amusements.

Look up, see this.

What do?”

The father elaborated on the experience to the Irish Sun, explaining the incident was typical of Jamie.

“I wasn’t even surprised! I was like ‘of course.’ I showed it to the staff at the play center and they said they’d never seen anyone do that before,” he said. “He was a bit scared for a second and I told him not to worry that we’d get him out and he just calmed down and thought it was funny.”

Murphy said he received assistance from a fellow customer who turned out to be a bit of an expert.

“But there was an off duty fireman who was actually there and he works up in Tallaght and he said literally this is his job to get kids out of things,” he said. “So he knew that there should be space for him to get out and he was able to move Jamie back into the machine calmly and the guy got a hold of his legs and guided him back out.”


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