Man Amazes Baboon With Card Trick

Man Amazes Baboon
A baboon was left stunned by a zoo goer's card trick. The baboon reached toward the glass as it appeared to gasp as the man made a white card disappear.Screen capture/America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

WASHINGTON, March 18 (UPI) — A baboon was left amazed after a man decided to attempt to entertain animals at a local zoo with a magic trick.

Video posted to YouTube by America’s Funniest Home Videos shows the primate seemingly gasping with excitement as the man makes a white card disappear.

The baboon’s expression of disbelief remained as it attempted to place its hand on the glass when the card reappeared.

While the other animals in the area remained unfazed by the man’s magic trick, the expressive baboon was just as astonished when the man completed the trick for a second time.

Another magician took advantage of primates’ interest in magic in December, when a man left an orangutan doubled over with laughter as he made a cherry disappear form a styrofoam cup.


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