Squirrel enjoying a ‘delicious nut’ collapses in rapture

A squirrel enjoying a snack starts to fall backward. Screenshot: SlimJones123/Imgur

WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 (UPI) — A Redditor shared a short clip of a squirrel appearing to collapse in rapture while eating “the most delicious nut in the world.”

A GIF posted to Reddit by user SlimJones123 shows a squirrel eating an object — identified by the user as a nut, but it’s difficult to make out — and falling flat onto its back in apparent pleasure.

The squirrel appears to continue eating while on the ground, but its face is blocked by a butterfly sculpture.

“This squirrel must be eating the most delicious nut in the world,” SlimJokes123 wrote.

Redditors theorized the squirrel may have become “drunk” from eating fermented fruit or vegetables.

It may also just be really, really into food.


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