Falling down. Getting up. Dusting off. Like. A. Boss! ‘The Todd and Erin Nooner’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 5, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Did you SEE Utah pro golfer Tony Finau score a hole in one at the Masters, then fall over while celebrating, dislocate his ankle and then snap that sucker right back into place?

hen, go on and play? Like. A. Boss.

That led us on the subject of your weird injuries and how you picked up and carried on. Like one tough toddler who bounced off the hood of a car, stood up, and demanded ice dream.

What’s your plans for the weekend? Nada? How fortunate, then, that we have a big fat list of ideas. Stick around, we’re going to make an extrovert of you yet.


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