Provo Judge Calls Man ‘Evil,’ Gives Him Up To Life In Prison For Rape, Kidnapping

Evil Man
Dusten Anderson. Photo Courtesy: Herald Extra

PROVO, Utah, April 11, 2016 (Kurt Hanson) — A Provo judge sentenced a man convicted of kidnapping and brutally assaulting a man, then raping the man’s girlfriend, to up to life in prison after telling the suspect he was evil, according to Herald Extra.

During the sentencing hearing, the victim described in court Monday how the events the night she was raped have affected her life.

“I felt a huge amount of evil enter into my presence,” the victim testified. “I knew that was not OK.”

Dusten Anderson, 36, and four others, broke into the couple’s hotel room last October and took the man to another room, where he was assaulted. Anderson then told his friends to hold the man in the room while he went back and raped the man’s girlfriend, police reports state.

“I am very aware that you probably don’t care,” the victim testified. “I thought my boyfriend was dead while you were having the time of your life.”

As he handed down his sentence, Judge Darold McDade told the man he was evil.

“I haven’t said this to anyone in nine years on the bench,” McDade said. “I feel it, I believe it. If I had an opportunity to do more than that, I would.”

The prosecuting attorney, Ryan McBride, told McDade it was the most horrific and cowardly act he has ever seen as a prosecutor.

“He can lie all he wants, but nothing changes the fact he is a rapist,” McBride said.

Anderson’s sentences will run consecutively, meaning he will have to finish serving the sentence for one offense before he can start serving the sentence for the other offense.

“You have no business to be on the outside world. None,” McDade said.


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