Orem PD announces arrival of kinder, gentler K-9

Orem Police K-9 Hōkū. Photo: Orem Police Department

OREM, Utah, Sept. 18, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Orem City and the Orem Police Department have announced a new K-9, this one trained to ease stress in victims.

“Say hello to the newest member of the Orem Police Department,” a released statement says. “This is Hōkū and she has joined the force as a service facility dog. She is a Fox Red Labrador and an absolute angel.

“Generally you think of police dogs as big German Shepherd types that sniff for drugs and take down bad guys. Well Hōkū won’t be doing any of that. She is specially trained in empathy techniques that help victims in stressful situations.

“For example, if a victim of abuse has to recount horrible trauma in court, Hōkū will cuddle up and use her training to keep the individual calm and collected.”

Hōkū means star in Hawaiian, “and it was chosen because she will be a guiding star to people in real trouble,” the statement says. “Hōkū was made possible by incredibly generous donors to help with the important work of healing.”


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