“Shameless” Utah Actress

Utah actress Ileana Huxley
“Shameless” Utah Actress

“Shameless” Utah Actress


Ileana Gephardt Daily
Source: McCarty Talent Agency

Utah actress Ileana Huxley is starring in Showtime’s hit comedy series “Shameless” in a recurring role. Huxley was a business major and graduated from the University of Utah with an MBA. She began in theater and appeared in The Grand Theatre’s production “Eurydice” in Salt Lake City in 2010. Huxley was also cast in a short adventure film called “Kelton” which was shot on location in Utah.

“I didn’t do much here,” she said. “I did some stage at the Grand Theatre and Salt Lake Black Box Productions, I did stuff there and I was going in and out of school and then when the time came I packed it up and moved to Los Angeles, and it got me on ‘Shameless.’ The shift has been fun and entertaining and there’s a lot of opportunities.”

In “Shameless,” Huxley plays Nika, a Russian prostitute. She said she loves her cast. “It’s so great to watch them work and they just jump into it, looking around I feel like this is where I belong though that feels a little presumptuous.

“There’s a moment that a lot of actors relate to where you realize you’re exactly where you need to be, there’s nothing else in your mind,” she said.

“It’s that connection, that internal gratification that you’re creating something with a group of people,” she said. “The best advice anyone’s ever given me in this business is ‘don’t take it personally,’ because it applies to so many things on so many levels, not just auditioning. The entire business is incredibly impersonal even though everyone’s always smiling. You know, stick it out, that’s a good one to try and live by.”


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