Murder Charge For Alleged Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Attacker

Murder Charge For Alleged Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Attacker
Photo Courtesy: UPI

JERUSALEM, Aug. 24 (Ed Adamczyk) — A man accused of stabbing onlookers at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade, killing one, was charged with murder Monday.

Yishai Schlissel, 39, was indicted on one count of premeditated murder, six counts of attempted murder, and other charges in Jerusalem’s District Court. The ultra-orthodox Jewish defendant had been released from prison only weeks before the July 30 assault after serving 10 years for a near-identical crime at the 2005 parade.

Prosecutors said he attempted to slip into the parade at its start, carrying a knife, but was prevented by police officers. He entered the parade near its end and indiscriminately stabbed at people, killing Shira Banki and injuring six others, before he was subdued by the police.

Schlissel has said the mission of the parade “contradicted his understanding of the Torah,” and has refused legal counsel, claiming he does not recognize the court’s standing because it does not abide by Jewish law.

In court Monday, he showed no remorse. In a brief statement he condemned the parade and its goals, saying, “If you wish to do good for the late Shira, then every time people hold gay pride events that severely damages her soul, you should know that. Then if you want to uplift her soul, the gay pride parade should be stopped in Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel. Stop this provocation and abuse against the holy one, blessed be he,” Radio Israel reported.



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