UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton pulls into 5-point lead over Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis on Sunday. Clinton has opened up a formidable 5-point lead in the UPI/'CVoter tracking poll. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

Oct. 10. 2016 (UPI) — The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll for Monday shows Hillary Clinton┬ápulling into a lead over Donald Trump of more than 5 percentage points.

The online poll shows Clinton up 49.92 percent to 44.39 percent.

The most recent data reflect a 3-point bump for Clinton and a nearly 5-point decrease for Trump over the course of seven days, the poll’s full sample size.

Monday’s result is a clear indication of the pain Trump’s campaign has undergone since Friday, when a video was released showing Trump, talking into a hot microphone, describing trying to have sex with a married woman and forcing himself on other women by kissing them and grabbing their genitals.

Monday’s data also includes some responses from late Sunday and early Monday, after the second presidential debate. While it is too soon to say definitively what effect, if any, the debate will have, it could indicate it did not help stabilize Trump’s campaign in the days since the video was released.

The UPI/CVoter online tracking poll surveys about 200 people each day, leading to a sample size of roughly 1,400 people during any seven-day span.

Because the poll is conducted online and individuals self-select to participate, a margin of error cannot be calculated. The poll has a credibility interval of 3 percentage points. This seven-day span includes data collected from Oct. 3 to 9, when 1,801 individuals were surveyed. Of them, 1,350 identified themselves as likely voters.


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