Ohio animal shelter will name litter box after your ex

An animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio is holding a fundraiser in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, and will name a cat's litter box after an ex romantic partner for a $5 donation, before unveiling them all on the actual holiday. File photo by John Angelillo/UPI

Feb. 2 (UPI) — An animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio, is holding a unique fundraiser as a lead-up to Valentine’s Day.

The Animal Friends Humane Society said Wednesday it will name a cat litter box after an ex romantic partner.

The gesture will cost $5 per box, while the promotion will run until Feb. 12.

The shelter will then reveal all the sponsored litter boxes, names included, in a Facebook post on Valentine’s Day.

“Don’t spend this Valentine’s Day down in the dumps! Instead, cheer yourself up while making a difference for animals in need,” reads the promotion on society’s website.

“For a $5 donation we will write your Ex’s name in a litter box and give it to the cats, to let them do what they do best!”

The fundraiser is far from the only somewhat strange animal-related promotion tied to the love-themed holiday.

Several zoos offer a promotion, allowing visitors to buy a cockroach, name it after their former flame and then have it fed to one of the institution’s resident roach-eating animals like a lizard.

The payment then ensures the person is able to watch the insect get eaten. In some cases, the zoo will send a video or link of the feeding to the roach’s namesake.

New York’s Bronx Zoo as well as zoos in San Antonio and Toronto run similar programs.


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