Expert Says ‘Mourning’ Kangaroo Was Actually Trying To Mate

'Mourning' Kangaroo
Experts say a kangaroo supposedly photographed grieving the loss of it's loved one, was instead trying to mate with the female kangaroo. Photo by cbpix/Shutterstock

QUEENSLAND, Australia, Jan. 14 (UPI) — An animal expert has stated that a kangaroo photographed holding it’s dying partner was simply trying to mate.

Dr. Mark Eldridge, principal research scientist at the Australian museum, has said the photos posted by Facebook user Evan Switzer do not depict a touching display of grief, but rather an attempt to reproduce.

“This male is trying to get a female to stand up so he can mate with her,” he told ABC News Australia. “The male is clearly highly stressed and agitated, his forearms are very wet from licking himself to cool down. He is also sexually aroused. The evidence is here sticking out from behind the scrotum.”

Switzer, who captured the photograph while walking his dog, told the BBC that Dr. Eldridge’s explanation provided some clarity to the situation.

“I was wondering why his arms were so dark and wet,” he said.

Wildlife Rescue Officer Leonie Petrie said that kangaroos do not partner for life, nor do they often express signs of grieving.

“Unfortunately we do like to anthropomorphize these animals to think that they have these feelings we have and they would grieve the loss of a loved one,” she said. “Sadly in my opinion I don’t think that’s the case.”


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