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Baby animals, how NOT to text and Tales From The Front...

You're totally going to squee with me! We have baby animals on the Todd and Erin Morning Stream today! Meet the latest baby at Utah's Hogle Zoo, the sweetest baby giraffe EVER.

Beloved movies, drone v. shark, tire v. ski jump! ‘The Todd...

What movie have you watched at least five times? For me: "Star Wars," the original one, 36 times. In the THEATER.

Study links diet soda to stroke and dementia risks

New research suggests artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda may be putting the brains of imbibers at increased risk of dementia and stroke. The new study was published last week in the journal Stroke.

Frito-Lay recalls jalapeno-flavored chips because of potential Salmonella

Frito-Lay voluntarily recalled some jalapeno-flavored potato chips because of the potential presence of Salmonella in the seasoning, the Food & Drug Administration announced.

‘Off’ time for Parkinson’s patients may be shortened with 150-year-old drug

An old standby drug seems to help patients with advanced Parkinson's disease through the difficult times when their usual medication stops working, a new trial suggests.