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Friday, August 18, 2017


FDA: 5 dead after receiving surgically implanted obesity treatment device

The Food and Drug Administration said it as opened an investigation after five people died shortly after obesity treatment surgery in which a silicone balloon device was inserted into their stomach.

Study: Pot compound may affect other medications for epilepsy patients

Scientists experimenting with the marijuana compound cannabidiol as an epilepsy treatment must evaluate any interactions with other anti-seizure drugs patients are taking, researchers report.

Two ALS patients in Buffalo first in U.S. to receive new...

Two patients at the DENT Neurologic Institute near Buffalo, N.Y., will be the first in the nation to receive the newest drug to treat ALS in more than 20 years.

Salmonella outbreak linked to papayas spreads

 Federal health officials linked another 32 cases of salmonella infections to the consumption of yellow Maradol papayas on Friday.

Study: Higher income people are more physically active

A study by the American Cancer Society found that higher income individuals are more likely to be weekend warriors exercising just a few days a week.