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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Oil producers - Gephardt Daily

Oil Supply Effects Gas Prices

Lower gas prices may not last as long as we'd like. Oil companies are having a hard time staying economical which is why low gas prices will eventually hurt the investment in the oil production. Higher prices in gas were needed to ensure future energy security.
The Beatles - Gephardt Daily

A Dash Of Pepper In Salt Lake City

The iconic Beatles have an iconic album cover that was number one in the United States on the pop charts. The woman who co-created the cover is not as proud of it because she believes that it is not ethically or gender balanced. So she and 33 other people, ranging in age, created a mural in downtown Salt Lake City. This mural is welcome for anyone and everyone to see.
jesse parent

Slam This!

Slam poetry has been gaining popularity steadily since it's birth in the 1980's. We take a look at the movement as a whole and the thriving scene in Salt Lake City.

Trees Worth a Million Dollars

The Festival of Trees is a spectacular time of year when we are able to buy beautiful trees, decorations, shops and food that is all made by families, organizations, and businesses and are available for purchase. All of the proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital. Everyone is able to come down to the South Towne Expo Center and enjoy all of these spectacular holiday decorations and help Primary Children’s.
Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium Reaches For The Stars

Clark Planetarium has taken huge strides in the 12 years it's been open. It's mission is to continually improve and evolve. Now it is taking it's place as one of the top planetariums in the world, with it's very own production department.