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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Tbilisi Zoo

Escaped Tbilisi Zoo Tiger Kills Man

Two men were attacked by a tiger Wednesday that had escaped during the June 14 flooding of the Tbilisi zoo.
Teen Dead After Being Backed Over By SUV

17-Year Old Girl Killed After Boyfriend Backs Over Her

A 17-year old girl was killed after her boyfriend ran over her in Millcreek Tuesday night.
Good for Students' Brains

Green Spaces are Good for Students’ Brains

Greenery may boost learning by helping school children avoid airborne pollutants, researchers theorize.

Jellyfish on the Mend Aim for Anatomical Symmetry

Researchers found the injured jellyfish weren't actually killing or creating new tissue cells, but simply working with what they had left.
White House Trying to Save Controversial Trade Package

White House Fence Jumper Sentenced to 17 Months in Prison

A Texas man who jumped the White House fence in September, making it as far as inside the north portico, was sentenced to 17 months in prison Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice said.