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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Red Carpets and Glass Slippers

The long-awaited new version of Walt Disney Pictures' "Cinderella" is released March 13 and were were on the red carpet for the L.A. premiere.
The Walking Dead

“Walking Dead” Town Up For Auction, Without The Zombies

Owning a piece of history has never been more eerily exciting. Up for sale on eBay.com is 90 percent of the downtown area of Grantville, GA, included in an episode of "The Walking Dead" and several movies.
Jeremy Meeks

“Model” Inmate To Make A Career Of It, Literally

Being a model inmate never seemed all that attractive. That is until Jeremy Meeks of California, hit the spotlight of the Stockton Police Departments Facebook page last year and the convicted felon became known as America's hottest criminal.
Gephardt Daily | Chelsea-Handler-reportedly-had-a-breast-lift-ahead-of-40th-birthday

Chelsea Handler Reportedly Had A Breast Lift Ahead Of 40th Birthday

Comedian Chelsea Handler reportedly underwent a breast lift ahead of her 40th birthday in February because she was "stressed about looking saggy."
Mexican Drug Cartel reach Japan

Mexican Drug Cartels Reach Japan; Meth Seizures Double

Although most of the methamphetamine abused in east and southeast Asia is produced within the region, sources for methamphetamine have originated from Africa to Iran. Mexican drug cartels have extended their reach to Japan, where methamphetamine seizures have doubled compared to the previous year.