UHP: Man drives 115 mph in Davis County, arrested in Salt Lake City

A man was taken into custody in Salt Lake City after driving 115 mph in Davis County and then fleeing when a trooper tried to stop him, Friday night, April 13, 2018. When he pulled into a parking lot off Redwood Road, a trooper boxed him in and his car collided with the trooper's vehicle. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 13, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A man was taken into custody Friday night after driving through Davis County at 115 miles per hour and then fleeing from a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who tried to stop him.

UHP Sgt. McCall Christensen told Gephardt Daily the vehicle was seen traveling recklessly in the area of 200 West in Farmington.

“He was going 115 miles an hour in a 70 mile per hour zone,” Christensen said.

A trooper attempted to make a traffic stop, but the driver didn’t stop and, instead, fled southbound on Interstate 15.

“He took the Center Street off-ramp exit in North Salt Lake, and that’s when we terminated (the pursuit),” Christensen said.

It just so happened that a trooper who was driving southbound saw the vehicle get back onto I-15 a short time later. At that point, Christensen said, the driver was not being reckless and was moving at freeway speeds, so the trooper simply followed him.

Christensen said, “We waited for backup to help us stop the car.”

The vehicle proceeded onto Redwood Road, again at a normal speed.

“He went into a parking lot at about 2100 S. Redwood, where he was boxed in by a trooper,” Christensen said. “A minor collision occurred, and he was taken into custody.”

The collision was very low-speed — “5 miles per hour, tops” — and there was only minor damage to both vehicles.

Christensen said officials have no idea why the man was driving at 115 mph in Davis County, and the man hasn’t offered any reason, either.

“The car isn’t reported stolen,” Christensen said. “It’s a dealer car.”

Christensen said the man will be charged with reckless driving, fleeing, and driving on a suspended license.

He was taken into custody without incident. Salt Lake City police are handling the accident report.


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